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KIN by Rice & Roll

KIN is a small, family-run restaurant operated by Rice n Roll family members who are passionate about homemade cooking, fresh and tasty ingredients, and fun. 

They are eager to create varieties of Asian food specially from Thailand and Japan, and sushi with an authentic taste and modernized look. Chef JJ is continually creating the beloved Thai cuisine he grew up with. He has integrated his experience and innovation of Thai, Chinese, Asian and Western cuisine into each dish. Chef Tony is representing a new generation of sushi chefs who has challenged the traditional way of sushi crafting with his talent and effort.

Grab a booth, eat at the bar or dining area or enjoy the patio in the summer season. The large dining space makes this the perfect restaurant for a business meeting or celebration. Along with a dinner menu you will find lunch, drinks, catering as well as a gluten free menu. Make sure to try Tom Kha Soup, featured in our Best Soup in Wauwatosa blog post.