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The Ruby Tap

The Ruby Tap is the perfect spot if you drink wine, love wine, and love to drink wine. It’s a Wauwatosa local gem, family- and women-owned neighborhood wine bar. Whether you are looking for a date night spot, a spot on your girl’s getaway trip or somewhere to wine-down, The Ruby Tap is the perfect place.

It features wines on tap, self-service wine machines, and local Wisconsin beers, cheeses, meats, and desserts. This establishment stands at the forefront of modern wine appreciation, providing patrons with an engaging and interactive setting to explore a diverse selection of wines. At Ruby Tap, the self-serve system allows guests to sample a variety of wines by the ounce, encouraging discovery and personalized tasting experiences.

No matter what kind of wine you are into, The Ruby Tap offers a curated collection of wines spanning various regions, varietals, and styles, ensuring there’s something to suit every palate, from reds, whites, rosés to sparkling wines.The staff members are knowledgeable and passionate about wine, offering guidance, recommendations, and insights to help guests navigate the wine selection or pairings.

Beyond its unique approach to wine service, Ruby Tap curates a sophisticated yet approachable environment, perfect for casual outings, intimate gatherings, or even educational wine tastings. The fusion of a chic ambiance with the freedom to explore a wide array of wines establishes Ruby Tap as a go-to destination for wine enthusiasts and social gatherings alike in the heart of Wauwatosa, WI.