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7 Wisconsin Food and Drink Must-Haves in Tosa

Your ultimate Wisconsin experience isn’t complete without these seven Tosa food and drink favorites.

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Wisconsin does food the right way: ooey-gooey, crispy, crunchy, deep-fried, beer-battered, tangy, flaky, and “melt-in-your-mouth-y.” Not to mention, we also have undeniably delicious drinks to pair with these great eats. 

Lucky for you, all of this can be found in Wauwatosa! It just wouldn’t be right for you to visit without getting the full shebang, so we’ve rounded up seven things you must try to experience Wisconsin authentically. You can thank us later!

Deep-Fried Cheese Curds

Where to find them: Buckatabon Tavern & Supper Club, Leff’s Lucky Town, Mo’s Irish Pub, Crafty Cow

What’s better than a creamy chunk of cheese? A deep-fried creamy chunk of cheese! 🧀

The cheese state honors this Wisconsin staple by breading and deep-frying it for a warm, crispy outer layer that’s complete with a gooey, melted inner bite. Cue your slow-motion cheese pull when you get your hands on these!

Zesty Bloody Mary

Where to find them: Cafe Hollander, Camp Bar

You know you need the ultimate Wisconsin experience when you’re ready for white cheddar curd fixings on your bloody mary. Wauwatosa features a variety of restaurants and bars that spice up their bloodies with house recipes and locally inspired toppings.

Friday Fish Fry

Where to find them: Leff’s Lucky Town, North Ave Grill, Ted’s Ice Cream & Restaurant, Crafty Cow

If you’ve never heard of Fish Fry-Day, imagine flaky fish with a crunchy, beer-battered exterior. This meal absolutely would not be complete without a side of coleslaw, tartar sauce, lemon, and rye bread. 

This Wisconsin delight has vastly grown in popularity amongst restaurants, taverns, and supper clubs since its origination in the 1920s, so you will definitely want to catch a bite or two of this long-time local favorite.

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We know we could use a drink. Whip up this bad boy as shown or put your own spin on Buckatabon’s Midwest “Standard” and tell us about it—with any luck we’ll all come out of the quarantine as amazing chefs and mixologists: The Midwest “Standard” In a tumbler glass: 1 orange slice 1 maraschino cherry 2 dashes of Lowlands Bitters (We love you, Bittercube!) .5 oz simple syrup (muddle together) 2 oz Buckatabon Brandy (made for us by the distilling wizards Central Standard) Fill with ice, toss gently, and top with Sprite! Garnish with your choice of olives, mushrooms, or an orange and cherry combo Tell Netflix that yes, you are “still watching” Gray’s Anatomy, jeez Enjoy!

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Brandy Old Fashioned 

Where to find them: Buckatabon Tavern & Supper Club, Firefly Tosa, Lucky Joe’s

The official drink of Wisconsin is the Brandy Old Fashioned– Pretty neat, huh? 

This rich, smooth, silky classic is typically made with whiskey or bourbon, but Wisconsin added brandy for their own special twist. Order a Wisconsin Old Fashioned at Tosa’s new, modern supper club, Buckatabon, for a truly unique experience.

Juicy Bratwurst

Where to find them: Drunken Cobra, Dr Dawg 

The Wisconsin bratwurst revolution took off in the 1950s, and there’s no looking back. This local delicacy is traditionally made with pork, wrapped in a natural casing, boiled in beer, and then grilled or pan-seared to irresistible perfection.

Crisp, Craft Beer

Where to find them: The Fermentorium Barrel House, Gathering Place, Big Head Brewing Co., Vennture Brew Co. 

Wisconsinites know that, at the end of the day, there’s truly nothing better than a frosty glass of beer, and we know a few local Wauwatosa breweries that will do just the trick. You’ll be welcomed here with endless beers on tap and quirky beer options that are unique to Tosa!

Juicy Burger

Where to find them: Colonel Hart’s, Midtown Grill,  Eldr + Rime

We know you can get a quality burger just about anywhere, but what sets the Wisconsin burger apart from the rest is the passion and creativity behind it. With Wisco-themed toppings, such as melted giant cheese curd, grilled bratwurst, and many more, we know that jaws will drop when placed in front of you. And that’s just how we like it. 

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