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The District Download | 68th & Wells

A lilypad covered pond with a building in the background and surrounded by trees at Jacobus Park in Wauwatosa, WI

What is 68th & Wells?

68th & Wells is a quaint little district with a larger-than-life personality. Decked out with specialty shops from coffee to cakes, and plenty of open-air park spaces, the southeast corner of Tosa is a special place you just can’t miss.

Where to Grab a Sweet or Savory Bite in 68th & Wells

A great place to grab a coffee and a rotating selection of pastries, Colectivo Coffee is located on the prominent corner of N 68th Street and W Wells Street. Complete with garage door windows and plenty of seating (indoors and outdoors!), stop in for a treat to go or stay awhile on their spacious outdoor patio.

If you’re craving delicious pizza and traditional Italian-American fare, check out Balistreri’s Italian-American Ristorante. A business with forty years of experience preparing home-cooked Italian meals, choose from “Old Italian” favorites, like chicken parmesan and Sicilian-style steak, pasta, and thin-crust pizza. 

If you ask us, we’ll say there’s no such thing as too much sugar, which makes 68th & Wells one of our favorite intersections in all of Tosa. Stop by Simma’s Bakery, a family-owned operation that’s known for Milwaukee’s award-winning cheesecake. If you’re craving more, you can find La Tarte right around the corner for seasonal and custom cookies, tortes, and much more made from secret family recipes. 

Last, but certainly not least, check out Ultimate Confections — a chocolate shop that’s been in Wauwatosa for more than 30 years and specializes in hand-dipped chocolatey treats.

Small, Local Shops in 68th & Wells

Be sure to make a special trip for the kids (and your inner child!) to Tosa’s famous toy shop: Ruckus & Glee. This local, husband-and-wife-owned business features everything from cat’s cradle and lava lamps to magic eight balls and Hot Wheels.

One of Wauwatosa’s women-owned businesses, Hyde Park MKE is a must-visit clothing boutique filled with accessories and gifts. Originally a tailor and dry clean only business since 1960, the shop was passed down from the owner’s grandfather in 2014.  

Dirt and stone path and stairwell in the woods at Jacobus Park in Wauwatosa, WI

Activities in 68th & Wells

When you’re not enjoying Colectivo Coffee’s outdoor patio or finding the perfect gift at Hyde Park MKE, take a breath of fresh air over at Jacobus Park or the Menomonee River Parkway. Spend the entire day wandering their mixed-use trails, admiring the lilypad-covered pond, and playing catch on the athletic field. 

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