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Tosa Business Spotlight: Hyde Park MKE

Sydney Sanger has been a part of Hyde Park MKE, formerly Hyde Park Tailors and Cleaners, on 68th and Wells practically her entire life! Her grandfather owned Hyde Park since 1960 and passed down the family business to Sydney in 2014. Since then, she’s been hard at work turning the once tailor and dry clean only business into a women’s clothing, accessory, and gift store. A native of Wauwatosa, Sydney walks us through her favorite things about our charming town and how our community continues to support the long-standing business. 

What’s your favorite part about being located in Tosa? 

“Tosa is great because it is such a fun, growing community: The Village, the North Ave businesses, and our corner of businesses on 68th and Wells. We have gotten a ton of support because people love to support Tosa businesses.”

Why has your business been successful in Tosa?

“We already had a loyal customer base for tailoring and cleaning and I basically just piggybacked off my grandpa’s business and added the clothing, accessories, and home store to further the business and grow it.” 

Of all places to open a business, why Tosa?  

“I didn’t have a choice in the matter, in a good way.  My grandpa owned Hyde Park Tailors and Cleaners before me and passed it on to me.  He had owned the business since 1960, and when I took over in 2014, we kept the name essentially the same and the same location.”

How has the Tosa community embraced your business? 

“Right now, I am getting so much love for all the masks we are making and distributing. I put out a call for donations for supplies on social media, like hard to find elastic and fabrics for the masks, it honestly feels like such a cool cause to be a part of. We make them, and then people from Wauwatosa, all over Milwaukee, and even people across the country ask for them.” 

What makes Tosa special to you?

“Growing up here was awesome, biking to The Village and all over town with friendsso many good restaurants and nice stores!  It was the best place to grow up, so I love feeling part of the community and having my business here.”

Next time you’re in Tosa and want to spruce up your wardrobe—especially with the start of summer—or perhaps gift a friend something special, check out Hyde Park MKE! If you want to support local now, you’re in luck because orders can be placed online via their website. Tag us with #DiscoverWauwatosa #VisitTosa #DiscoverTosa or #TosaStory on our social channels, we’d love to see the small business support. 

*Photo Credit: Syndey Sanger of Hyde Park MKE.

Pictured (from left to right) Sydney’s great-uncle Joe, Sydney Sanger, and her grandfather.