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Treat Your Taste Buds to Tosa’s Chocolate Shops

Chocolate truffles from Niemann's Candies & Ice Cream

We all know that feeling when the chocolate cravings hits — and, sometimes, a good old-fashioned piece of chocolate candy is the only thing that does the trick.

Luckily, when you’re visiting Wauwatosa, there are a few shops that have perfected the craft of creating these decadent delights. As an added bonus, each location has plenty to choose from to take home with you or gift to a fellow chocolate-lover!

From individually hand-dipped candies to bean-to-bar chocolates, indulge in Tosa’s chocolate shops.

Niemann’s Candies & Ice Cream

Must-Try: Fairy Food — puffed and crispy sweet molasses wrapped in decadent chocolate. 

Dedicated to the fine art of creating homemade candy and ice cream, Niemann’s has been making their delectable treats from scratch since 1919. 

Located in Tosa Village since 1970, this family business is rooted in history with the same recipes and same displays since the beginning. For over 100 years, family recipes have been passed down through multiple generations. To introduce new treats into the store, the owner continues to develop and improve hundreds of creations while staying true to Niemann’s Candies’ roots.


Ultimate Confections

Must-Try: Glob Turtle — a glob of caramel sandwiched between two globs of chocolate and sprinkled with pecans.

The ultimate Tosa chocolate shop, Ultimate Confections individually hand-dips all of its confections to perfection. 

This small, local shop opened in Tosa’s 68th & Wells District in 1995 and continues to push the envelope on their confections. They experiment with various nuts, fruits, and cream centers with a combination of milk, dark, and white chocolates. 

You know that Ultimate Confections is the real deal because they’ve received many Wisconsin State Fair Seal of Excellence awards for their gourmet hand-dipped chocolates.


Tabal Chocolate

Must-Try: Hot Chocolate Bombs — for local pick-up only, choose from a variety of flavors, including regular chocolate, chocolate peppermint, cinnamon ginger, pumpkin spice, and salted caramel.

Tabal Chocolate brings worldly chocolate flavors to our charming city as a horizontal direct trade importer of fine flavored cacao and superfoods.

With a focus on bringing people together, this family-owned chocolate shop respects small-scale farmers, while developing market access to their flavors.

Tabal Chocolate’s retail location opened in 2017 in Tosa Village. Stop in to see the process of their bean-to-bar chocolate-making technique. All products are made using stone grinders, and their ingredients are organically grown, gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free.

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