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Unleash Your Creativity in Wauwatosa

Wauwatosa is a city inspired by art. Art is a key part our city’s history and culture. When you think of art in Wauwatosa, the plethora of stunning murals may come to mind, or events such as ART 64 and the Firefly Art Fair, but these don’t tell the whole story. Much like the city itself, Wauwatosa’s art scene allows everyone to have a seat at the table, regardless of skill, ability, or age. For seasoned artists and hobbyists alike, Wauwatosa has arts, crafts, and experiences that will surely ignite your creative spirit.

GreyHouse Creative Market

GreyHouse Creative Market offers a unique DIY workshop where you can create personalized home décor with the help of their experts. Regardless of your experience, they’ll provide the materials, tools, and instruction you need to leave feeling proud of what you have created. Check out their project gallery for a full list of the workshops they offer, or plan your own night out with friends, family, or a private party.

Creative Fire

Creative Fire is a great place to learn the art of pottery making. With options for both kids and adults, their classes include all the materials and guidance you’ll need to watch your masterpiece come to life! Their group classes are perfect for parties, team building, or just catching up with friends and family. They offer individual lessons for those who want a little more hands-on teaching, as well as studio time for the seasoned pro who wants to see where the clay takes them.

La Terraza

If you can’t quite get the hang of the pottery wheel, but still want to appreciate the beauty of hand-crafted bowls, vases, and mugs, check out La Terraza. La Terraza offers over 2,000 pieces to paint and customize. Whether you’re looking for a vase, bowl, plate, or figurine, they have a knowledgeable staff and studio designed to help you create your own unique piece! Walk-ins are always welcome, making it great for date nights, a family outing, etc. For groups larger than eight, they have classes for you and your crew.


For those who have a passion for culinary arts, Troquet offers cooking classes that will transform your kitchen skills. Their modern venue overlooking Root Common Park is the perfect backdrop for classes in trades such as pastry, chocolate, cheese making, and more. Troquet offers 90-minute cooking demonstrations with chefs at the highest level of their trades. There’s no better way to enjoy a four-course meal than with top chefs talk about their dishes and techniques.

Arté Wine and Painting Lounge

Arté is a studio designed for you to discover the artist within! There’s three ways to join the fun: sign up for an open canvas reservation and paint at your own pace, join them for their number of classes, or reserve a private event for you and your group. They also offer a full service bar, nonalcoholic drink options, and plenty of snacks!

No matter your skill level or taste in art, let our city be your canvas for creativity. From pottery and painting, to cooking and DIY, get your creative juices flowing… and maybe have some wine as well. We’ll bring the supplies, you bring your crew, and let Wauwatosa be your muse. Your masterpiece awaits!