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Hansen Park Golf Course

Discover the ideal haven for high-handicap golfers at the Hansen Park Golf Course, boasting a 17-hole Par 3 layout meticulously crafted to enhance your short game prowess. Situated amidst the serene beauty of the Menomonee River and Underwood Creek, this course offers a picturesque backdrop for your golfing journey. Experience the thrill of navigating wide open fairways, accompanied by blue-grass tees, collars, and approaches that add to the course’s charm.

Light roughs and moderate greens strike the perfect balance between challenge and playability. While the majority of the holes extend over 100 yards, two holes even push beyond 200 yards, testing your precision and power. Embrace the challenge of 17 par-3 holes, most around 100 yards, that await your trusty nine iron and wedge. However, be prepared with spare golf balls, as the allure of wooded areas and water hazards might claim the occasional wayward shot.

As you engage in your golfing adventure, Hansen Park Golf Course treats you to open fairways lined with majestic trees and occasional elevation changes, with the back nine offering a unique split by the meandering Underwood Creek.

The course also presents a valuable opportunity to refine your skills, featuring a complimentary Irons practice area – remember to bring and retrieve your own balls. Immerse yourself in this golfing paradise for a suggested duration of 2 to 3 hours, and relish the blend of challenge, natural beauty, and skill improvement that Hansen Park Golf Course graciously offers. Looking for more golf? Make sure to check out our Wauwatosa Golf Course Guide

Hansen Park Golf Course