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Underwood Creek Bike Trail

Travel from Hansen Park all the way to the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin, on the Underwood Creek Bike Trail! The south west section of The Oak Leaf Trail leads you to The Underwood Creek Bike Trail, from there you’ll be able to connect to the Hank Aaron State Trail and continue your ride all the way to the Milwaukee County Sports Complex.

The Underwood Creek Bike Trail, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s natural splendor, offers a captivating blend of outdoor exploration and tranquility. As cyclists embark on their journey, they’re greeted by rustling leaves and the occasional sighting of wildlife, creating an immersive experience.

The trail’s well-maintained surface offers a smooth ride, catering to both novice riders and experienced cyclists seeking solace in the outdoors. From the first pedal stroke to the final stretch, the Underwood Creek Bike Trail is a testament to Wisconsin’s natural treasures, a haven where serenity and exhilaration dance in perfect harmony.


Underwood Creek Bike Trail