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Washington Park

Step into the wonderland that is Washington Park. It’s not just any park; it’s complete with its own Urban Ecology Center, lively park concerts, and a lagoon so picturesque it could be on a postcard. And guess who’s the genius behind its design? None other than Frederick Law Olmsted, the brains behind Central Park. Olmsted’s grand vision included a web of drives and pathways decked out with fancy bridges, ponds and lagoons sculpted with precision, and lush forests of trees and shrubs. 

Shortly after Olmsted’s initial involvement, the city added its first zoo to the park’s design. But by the 1930s, that zoo was showing its age and wanted a change of scenery. In 1947, they embarked on a quest to find a new home, and voilà! In 1961, the zoo was reborn as the 184-acre Milwaukee County Zoo, which has since stretched its legs to cover a whopping 200 acres. Sadly, the original Washington Park Zoo waved goodbye for good in 1963.

Now, when you visit, you’re in for a real treat. Fish to your heart’s content, paddle away in a canoe, get your bird-watching binoculars ready, and dive into the enchanting Native Wisconsin Animal Room. But that’s not all! Visit monuments like the Goethe-Schiller and a snazzy Art Deco-style bandshell called the Emil Blatz Temple of Music.

Reserve a picnic area, shoot hoops or kick some soccer balls. Need to cool off? Take a dip in the pool. Got little adventurers with you? They can make a splash in the wading pool or go wild in the tot lot play area. Washington Park is where fun and adventure meet at every turn!


Washington Park