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Discover Wauwatosa with a Local: Christina Persika

mural in wauwatosa

Christina Persika, full-time artist and East Tosa local, has found inspiration in the surrounding Wauwatosa community for her artwork. 

In 2016, she and her husband moved to Wauwatosa where they found the perfect pairing of small-town familiarity and neighborhood camaraderie. She made her mark on the NoMAD community in 2019 as the creator of one of Tosa’s unique murals—the “What Blooms is Us” mural, a few blocks away from where she currently resides. 

To help plan your next trip, Christina shares her favorite places to eat, what to check out, and what she loves most about our city!

We love your mural in East Tosa and would love to know more about it. Where did you find inspiration for this specific mural?

“My mural in East Tosa is called ‘What Blooms is Us.’ She is symbolic of a Mother Nature figure and is meant to represent us as a community coming together to take care of the environment and to take care of one another. When we do this, East Tosa is able to bloom in its own unique way. I’ve witnessed this in my time living here. 

When I found out Wallpapered City was working with East Tosa to create these murals, I jumped at the chance to submit multiple designs in hopes I would get selected.” 

What do you like the most about being an artist? How would you describe your style of art? 

“Surprisingly, what I love most about being an artist isn’t just making the art itself. I love connecting with others through making art, most of all. I enjoy taking on commissions, whether that be a painting for someone’s home or a public art piece, like a mural. It gets my brain working in new ways and pushes me to be more creative. 

My work centers around community healing, spirituality, nature, and mental health. I’m all about uncovering moments of transcendent joy.” 

If someone stopped you on the street or emailed you and asked you for information on where to stay, what to do, where to eat, what not to miss, etc. when visiting Wauwatosa, what would you recommend?

“Well, of course, I would recommend they check out the NoMAD East Tosa murals! In all seriousness, I love to look at the other artist’s murals and make it a regular routine to walk around East Tosa and admire their work. 

I’m also in awe of the beautiful gem that is Hoyt Park and the whole Menomonee River Parkway trails. It’s truly a great blessing to have such beautiful parks.

I’d probably cap the day off with a trip down to Tosa Village for some dinner and drinks. Take your pick of the restaurants in The Village—they’re all amazing.” 

What is your favorite day trip to take from Wauwatosa?

“A quick day-trip from Tosa into Milwaukee would most likely include a brunch, maybe at Uncle Wolfie’s or Fuel Café. Then, soak up some sunshine at Atwater Beach.”

What is one of your favorite things to do in Wauwatosa?

“I’m all about simple pleasures. I love to walk to Rocket Baby Bakery, grab a coffee and a pastry, and bring my art supplies out to the 69th St. Plaza and paint while people-watching. 

I’m also a huge bookworm, and one of my favorite things to do is walk to the library and spend a couple of hours just discovering new books or authors.”

What is your favorite restaurant in Wauwatosa?

“I have been eating a pescatarian diet for a few years, and I’m always looking for great vegan and vegetarian options. So, I have really loved having a second Urban Beets location in Wauwatosa!”

Lastly, Brewers or Bucks?

“I have yet to make it to a Buck’s game in the new Fiserv Forum Stadium, and I was really hoping I’d be able to do that this season, but unfortunately, that’s not a possibility. 

For that reason, probably the Milwaukee Brewers because I have so many great memories going to Brewer’s games at Miller Park that span the past 15+ years.”

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