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Best Places to Take Instagram Pictures in Wauwatosa

Did you really travel to Tosa if you didn’t take a pic? Lucky for you, Wauwatosa is an extremely picturesque city that’s filled with great places to pose for that perfect Insta-worthy shot. From charming cafes to vibrant murals, we’ve compiled six of our favorite cute photo spots that will guarantee the perfect photo every time. Explore the city’s streets and discover all the cool places to take pics in the area. Get your cameras ready, capture the perfect shot, and don’t forget to mention #DiscoverTosa so we can see your pics! Embrace the city’s charm with these nice places to take pictures and find yourself posting cute insta pics from the heart of Wauwatosa.

1. East Tosa Murals

Bright, beautiful, and larger-than-life, our East Tosa murals set the scene for the perfect picture. 

Our seven-part mural project took place in the summer of 2019 and brought artists from near and far to Wauwatosa. Four years later, we’ve made some changes and new additions to this vibrant project with an all-new mural along the side of The Real Good Life’s building and a facelift (by the original artist!) to the mural on Voline Service Station. These art installations can be found along the North Avenue corridor in the North Mural Arts District or “NoMAD.”

Choose from an array of murals scattered throughout the East Tosa district, including a giant goldfish entangled in a weed of sunflower stems, a tiger-like creature with multiple sets of eyes, a vibrant representation of “mother nature,” and more cool places to take pics.

2. The Village


Bustling and bright, The Village of Wauwatosa serves as the heart of our charming city. 

The Village (also referred to as Tosa Village) is home to historic brick buildings, twinkling lights, and local restaurants and businesses throughout. 

Dine on outdoor patios, stroll over the bridge into The Village, and revel under the enchanting string lights for more cute places to take pics.

3. Hoyt Park Bridge

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or running through Hoyt Park, this bridge is the iconic photo backdrop that you just need to stop for. 

The bridge is made up of two stunning stone archways, a thick wooden fence, and a sturdy footpath that overlooks the Menomonee River, making it a cool spot to take pictures. 

Our favorite part of this hidden gem is that, no matter what time of year you’re visiting, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous photo amongst the Wisconsin sunshine, sparkling snow, or crisp autumn leaves. 

4. Kneeland-Walker House

Capture the history of Wauwatosa while you get your cute insta pic (or your pup’s pic!) in front of Kneeland-Walker House.

Built in 1890, the Queen Anne house sits on 1.5 acres of land and is the largest remaining residential lot in Tosa. The stunning house is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated landmark of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee County. 

The Wauwatosa Historical Society currently maintains the house and has continued to repaint the exterior in its original jewel-toned colors since purchasing the house in 1987.

5. Milwaukee County Zoo

Home to more than 2,100 animals representing 354 species, Milwaukee County Zoo has countless photo opportunities waiting to happen. 

From giraffes to flamingos, the various animals are extremely photogenic and are the perfect subject of any photo — check out Milwaukee County Zoo’s Instagram if you don’t believe us! 

Bonus: Try to capture the ‘photo of the day’ with the kids and the animals looking at the camera!

6. Hartung Park (Labyrinth)

There’s nothing quite like a landscape shot to impress your friends and followers, and Hartung Park’s labyrinth is perfect for just that. 

Not only is the park’s stone labyrinth a fun spot to explore, but it also photographs beautifully. The large circular labyrinth was created by laying patterns of cobblestone salvaged from Milwaukee streets. 

In the backdrop, you’ll find a man-made two-acre pond that adds to the scenery, making it the perfect spot to take cute pics.

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